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August 24, 2023 · Meaningful Minute Editor

Ishay Ribo gets ready for Madison Square Garden! Exclusive interview with Nachi Gordon

In an exclusive interview with Nachi Gordon of Meaningful Minute broadcast, Ishay Ribo expressed his excitement about his upcoming ‘Elul’ tour, with the highlight of performing at Madison Square Garden. Ishay Ribo expressed his excitement of bringing Am Israel together in unity and creating an unforgettable spiritual experience for Jews of all backgrounds. “Whether they are religious, ultra-orthodox, or Israeli, our goal is to bring Jews together for an evening of prayer.” Adding an extra layer of significance to this highly anticipated concert, is the timing of the event. Taking place on Chay (the 18th of) Elul, Ribo's performance will coincide with the preparation period leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the holiest time of year. Known as a time for self-reflection, repentance, and renewal, this concert provides an opportunity for fans to enter this sacred time with an uplifting and soul-stirring musical experience. When asked about his performance, Ribo expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I am thrilled to bring my entire team to the United States and have the opportunity to perform at Madison Square Garden. It is an honor to share my music with such a diverse and passionate audience, and I can't wait to sing with you all in this legendary venue." Last tickets available at https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/3B005EA487310EC7

August 24, 2023 · Meaningful Minute Editor

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