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The $180,000,000 Chesed Fund Innovation | Yoshi Falber

Sep 12 2022

Yoshi Falber is the CEO of The Chessed Fund, and has extensive experience in fundraising and business development, having worked in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Previously, he was VP of Sales and Marketing at the Chesed Fund. After experiencing success in marketing for major motion pictures, and projects in the music and fashion industries, his passion and purpose became the development and success of great causes within the Jewish community.

He was previously Director of Education of Southern NCSY, Director of Marketing, Alumni Affairs, and Special Projects at Ohr Somayach International, and CMO at the Chesed Fund. Originally from New York, Yoshi has lived in 5 countries and now resides in Florida with his wife and children. This episode is brought to you by Touro University! To learn more about how you can excel at Touro University, Visit Touro.edu/more This episode is brought to you by Bridge Credit Solutions!

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