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A Miraculous 9/11 SURVIVOR | Ari Schonbrun

Oct 3 2022

Ari Schonbrun was the Chief Administrative Officer of Cantor Fitzgerald, and is an author, speaker and 9/11 survivor.

Ari was on the 78th floor of Tower One when the first plane hit on September 11, 2001. He helped a colleague suffering third-degree burns to safety and was thrown into the national spotlight thereafter. His miraculous first-hand account of survival has been retold in newspapers, magazines, broadcast outlets, and books.

Mr. Schonbrun is a native New Yorker. He is passionate about philanthropy and serves as a board member of Strength to Strength, a global non-profit organization that works with victims of terror across the world. Ari and his wife, Joyce, live in Cedarhurst with their five children and several grandchildren.