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Body Image with Rachel Tuchman | Deep Meaningful Conversations S2 EP 13

Jul 14 2022

On this episode of DMC, Alex and Rivki tackle body image. They share their thoughts on how this impacts frum women: the messaging we receive about our weight and size during our upbringing from home and peers, pressure due to shidduchim, pressure to keep off weight after the wedding and post pregnancy, and more. The guest for this episode is Rachel Tuchman, LMHC. Rachel’s specialty is educating on weight stigma and diet culture, as well as starting conversations about mental health on social media.

In this DMC with Rachel, you’ll hear:
The concept of “health at every size”
Main challenges facing frum women regarding body image Pressures about body size with shidduchim, and what changes need to be made
Helpful guidance for women struggling with body image issues
Advice for helping our children with body image

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Show Notes:
Rachel Tuchman’s website