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Chabad Jews BIGGEST Event of the Year

Jun 5 2023

Nachi Gordon of Meaningful Minute takes to the streets of Crown Heights, a heartbeat of Jewish life, to capture passerby’s thoughts and perspectives at the incredibly inspiring Siyum HaRambam. Nachi interviews random passersby, legendary Shluchim, and famed singers such as Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman, and Eli Marcus. Their candid and heartfelt responses offer a glimpse into the profound impact of the Rambam and the Rebbe on the pursuit of a meaningful and connected life. Along the way, Nachi and company crash a wedding, tour the headquarters of Chabad at 770, and encounter a rich history merging with a joyous future. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as you witness the power of the Rambam & Chabad through the voices of the community!