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How To Deal With Trauma | Zahava Farbman | Meaningful People #10

Jul 15 2022

Please Note, that Mrs. Farbman specifically asked us to not film this episode. We respected her wishes. Traumatic experiences are difficult to get through. In walks, the “traumatologist”, Zahava Farbman also known as the associate director of crisis intervention, trauma & bereavement services of Chai Lifeline’s Project Chai. Zahava helps the families of loved ones who suddenly passed away, got kidnapped, got hurt, got sick etc. cope with their situation and crisis they are going through. Originally from Pitsburg and currently living in Woodmere, L.I. , Mrs. Farbman is a mother, the mental health responder to Hatzolah Nassau County & Rockaways and a team leader helping wipe away the tears of Klal Yisroel. In this episode, we got to hear what it’s like to have one of the hardest jobs in the world, being there with people who are heartbroken. Zahava is also the creator and voice of https://SoulSistersDaily.com