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The Nomadic Jewish Couple

Mar 30 2023

Raizel and Dani Namdar are the creators of the world’s first Orthodox Jewish family vlog dubbed “That Jewish family” on various social media platforms. They educate followers about Jewish topics and customs inaccurately portrayed in culture. Their videos are lighthearted and fun while being informative and educational, a perfect combination that excellently captivates viewers. Raizel was born in Sydney, while Dani was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Both Raizel and Dani grew up in Chassidic families. Because of their captivating videos and educational content, the family has earned a massive following across various social media platforms. The Namdars don’t live in one particular home. They are nomadic, keeping their belongings in storage literal ly around the world. Their destinations span from Iceland to Sweden, Australia to Hungary or the United States. They remain steadfast in their vision of educating their followers about their life as frum Nomads and to continue advocating for love, respect, and understanding.