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The Story of 8th Day | Meaningful People #74

Jul 15 2022

Co-founded by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus, is one of the most sought after music acts these days. With their latest hit album “Lucky”, the group has now released nine studio albums. Their music has been featured on rock radio stations all over the United States and they have been top sellers on the Alternative Rock, World Music, Reggae and Jewish Music charts for the last decade.

The band has played hundreds of sold out concerts across the globe with stops in Australia, Europe, Israel, Asia, South Africa, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and all over the United States. Their hit music video for “Ya’alili” has over 7 million views on YouTube and helped drive 8th Day to the top of the Music charts. They followed that up with more fan favorites like “Celebrate”, “Miracle of Light”, and now their latest hit video “Lucky”.

What started as a fun family project, has now become a global phenomenon as their fan base continues to grow all over the world.

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