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The Story of Mordechai Shapiro | The Jewish Music Pop Star | Meaningful People #80

Jul 15 2022

Mordechai Shapiro was born in 1989 in Monsey, New York. Born into a musical family, his father is a chazzan and his mother has a background as a trained opera singer. He learned in yeshiva in Ashar, Netiv Aryeh, and Yeshivas Bais Yisroel. Shapiro made his musical debut as the star soloist of the Miami Boys Choir. After leaving the choir, Shapiro took a break from music until his voice transitioned sufficiently. He was a student of legendary voice teacher William Riley. He worked in other jobs and was a regular at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, engagements, and as a one-man-band. Eventually, he began performing at weddings and other Jewish events as an independent artist.  Mordechai is one of Jewish music’s hottest and most gifted performers. He also teaches music at HANC. He has been described as having the “ability to do things with his voice no one else in this business can”. As an artist, Shapiro takes pride in the fact that his songs are message-oriented, “In every song that I sing, there is a distinct message of positivity and joy that I aspire to promote through my music.”

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