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The Story of Rabbi Efrem Goldberg | Meaningful People #22

Jul 15 2022

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg is the Senior Rabbi of Boca Raton Synagogue (BRS), the largest Orthodox Synagogue in the Southeast United States, serving over 850 families and over 1,000 children in Boca Raton, Florida. Rabbi Goldberg’s warm and welcoming personality has helped attract people of diverse backgrounds and ages to the BRS community, reinforcing the BRS credo of “Valuing Diversity and Celebrating Unity.”

Rabbi Goldberg’s dynamic charisma, breadth of Torah knowledge, and personal warmth attract hundreds to the shul and his weekly lectures and classes. In addition to his position at BRS, Rabbi Goldberg plays a leadership role in many vital components of the greater South Florida community, and in 2010 he was recognized as one of South Florida’s Most Influential Jewish Leaders.

He serves as Co-Chair of the Orthodox Rabbinical Board’s Va’ad Ha’Kashrus, as Director of Conversions for the Beth Din of Florida, and as Posek of the Boca Raton Mikvah. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Katz Hillel Day School, Hadar High School for Girls, and Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.