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The Story of Rabbi Shalom Arush – Into the Garden of Emuna | Meaningful People #69

Jul 15 2022

Rabbi Shalom Arush is the Head of “Chut Shel Chessed” Institutions – Chut Shel Chessed’s incredible success is largely due to its leader – Rabbi Shalom Arush, and his unique ability to reach out and touch the hearts of Jews and non-Jews throughout the world.

Rabbi Arush is not your typical orthodox rabbi. Born in Morocco, he made aliya and moved to Israel with his parents at age thirteen. After graduating high-school, he served in the Israeli Defense Force’s elite naval rescue unit as an airborne combat-medic, where he took part in many clandestine missions.

After completing his three year stint in the service, Rabbi Arush attended university, majoring in economics. During that time, five of his closest friends were killed in a helicopter crash while carrying out an army mission. At their funerals, the Rabbi wondered about the seeming futility of life. This tragedy was the catalyst for a complete metamorphosis in the Rabbi’s outlook on the world, and eventually led to him discovering the truth of Torah and mitzvot.

Rabbi Arush studied in several yeshivot until he finally found the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev. Rabbi Arush learned with Breslev giants like Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Bender zt”l and Rabbi Shmuel Shapiro zt”l .

Eventually, they urged the Rabbi to move to Jerusalem to begin bringing his fellow Jews closer to G-d. With his teacher’s blessings, Rabbi Arush established Chut Shel Chessed Institutions twenty years ago.

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