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The Story of Rabbi YY Rubinstein | Meaningful People #18

Jul 15 2022

Rabbi YY is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world. He is a regular Broadcaster on National TV and Radio in the UK and has written and presented shows for the BBC. The “Independent” Newspaper cited him along with Tony Blair’s Mentor, as among five people in the UK to turn to for advice. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has declared herself a fan of Rabbi YY’s Broadcasts saying, “He’s awfully good!”

Rabbi YY has written many books including, “On The Derech,” “The Little Book For Big Worries.” “Jewish Life and Jewish Laughter” and “Refuas HaLev”. He is a senior lecturer for the Gateways Organization in New York and teaches at various schools including Yeshivas Sh’or Yoshuv in N.Y. and is a regular contributor to several Jewish publications including Hamodia and the Jewish Press.

He shares with us, his wild adventures, why humor is so important to him and how to cope with loss.