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Who Is Ishay Ribo? | Special Edition of Meaningful People Podcast

Jul 15 2022

The name Ishay Ribo has become synonymous with heart-rending melodies, sweet vocals, depth, vibe, holy rhythm, and soaring visions of Moshiach reflected in the shining eyes of Israeli concert-goers of every background, from the most chareidi to the most secular. But who is Yishai Ribo really? What is the source for his passion, the messages powering his gift? What does he hope to accomplish on his upcoming US tour? And to what does he attribute his phenomenal success?

In this heart-to-heart interview for the Meaningful People Podcast, R’ Yaakov Klein sits down with Ishay to “talk to him, not about him” – delving into the inner world of this singular personality and exploring the incredible experience of gifting am Yisrael with “HaLev Sheli”, his expansive heart, and the melodies that echo within the depth of his sweet and humble soul.