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Firsthand witness: The UNCENSORED truth about Oct. 7 | ZAKA’s Yossi Landau

This week we sat down and spoke with Yossi Landau from ZAKA. Founded in 1995, ZAKA’s volunteers arrive at the scene with one mission: to recover the bodies of those who die in an unnatural way.   In Judaism, a person must be buried whole.

ZAKA’s crews work tirelessly to recover as many body parts as they can from the scenes they are called to.  It’s considered the greatest mitzvah a Jew can perform for another person. 

Yossi Landau has been with the organization for 33 years and has been all over the world. Yossi was a first responder on October 7th.  In this episode he tells us what he experienced. (Viewers discretion is advised.)

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