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Modesty: More Than A Dress Code, with Jamie Geller | Deep Meaningful Conversations Ep 7

Jul 14 2022

Tznius, or Jewish modesty, is a hot button topic for many frum women. It brings up lots of various feelings. Each frum woman has her own relationship with this value of modesty and its application in our everyday lives, whether it’s how she dresses, how she acts and how she expresses herself. For some it’s a love relationship, for some it’s a hate relationship and for others it’s a love/hate relationship.

In this episode of DMC, Alex and Rivki get real about tsnius the things they most appreciate about this mitzvah and way of life as well as the things they find most challenging. Their guest, Jamie Geller, chief media and marketing officer at Aish Global and founder and CEO of Kosher Network International, joins this DMC to share her insights on what tsnius means as a public figure. Jamie also shares a bit about her evolving relationship with tznius – as someone who came to observance later in life, and as a mom of teenage girls.

We hope that by the end of this episode, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the middah and mitzvah of tznius from hearing real experiences, honest perspectives and candid reflections.

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Show Notes:
Faigy Zelcer’s Penimi program (please note that Alex accidentally called it “Penini” instead of “Penimi”

Jamie Geller’s website: