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The Mystery of Jewish Finances! | Deep Meaningful Conversations Ep. 4

Jul 14 2022

Orthonomics, a.k.a frum finances. Don’t start having heart palpitations and passing up this episode. While the discussion about the mystery of how to pay for the lifestyle we lead as Orthodox Jews can be stressful, on this episode of DMC, Alex and Rivki talk with Yael Trusch, host of the Jewish Money Matters podcast, and get a whole mindset overhaul on how we approach the concept of money as Jewish people. Don’t let this episode get away.

On this episode we discuss:
A recap of Alex’s “Fuzzy Math” article in Mishpacha from January 2021 that started much of the communal conversation on frum finances
A new take on the typical understanding of “orthonomics”
The financial challenges unique to frum families and the common pitfalls frum families often fall into when it comes to finances
The Jewish approach to money
Tips on budgeting, saving, spending and splurging
Advice for those of us feeling pressured to keep up with the rising material standards in many of our communities

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Show Notes: Alex’s “Fuzzy Math” article:


Yael’s Jewish Money Matters Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast…

Yael Trusch’s website: https://jewishlatinprincess.com/

Yael’s Money Date checklist: https://jewish-latin-princess.ck.page…