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TOP SECRETS TO BECOMING MORE RESILIENT | Deep Meaningful Conversations Ep. 3

Jul 14 2022

In this episode of Deep Meaningful Conversations, we talk all about utilizing our creativity as frum women. We all have creative streaks that express themselves in different ways, but the key is how we make sure we’re expressing our creativity in the context of our lives so we feel whole as human beings. In this episode, we speak with two creative frum women, Bracha Goetz and Devora Rhodes. Bracha has written 40 children’s books as well as a memoir for adults about overcoming food addictions and becoming observant. Devorah is a talented painter who has her own art business, Devora Rhodes Collection.

On this episode we discuss: What resilience is, and what it is not How we can boost our resilience What is spiritual resilience and why it’s important Being resilient in face of public vs. private nisyonos

By the end of today’s episode, we hope you’ve gained tools to help you build and maintain resilience during the stages and moments of our life when we’re feeling we’re merely treading water, or even sinking.

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Show Notes:
Professor Leslie Gutman’s website:

Her new book on resilience: